Sikh Heritage Month

April is Sikh Heritage Month and there are a number of events taking place throughout the month.

Events include:
Where is Our Museum?
Sikhs Speak Embracing Chardi Kala
Sikhi Through Art at the Royal BC Museum
Kirtan in the Valley
Simran Smagam
Vaisakhi – Autism Awareness Day
Unlocking the Wisdom of Gurmukhs: A Journey with Guru Nanak Sahib Ji
WhyGuru Course- Basics of Sikhi
Vancouver Nagar Kirtan
Kaum- Art Exhibition
Live at Lunch: Negotiating Criminality – The Story of Mewa Singh
Surrey Nagar Kirtan
1984- The Female Perspective
Gatka Workshop
Blossoming: Eeshar Singh Live in Concert
Vaiskahi Jorh Mela
Victoria Nagar Kirtan
Spirit High, Pressure Low: Chardi Kala Blood Pressure Clinic
Children’s Book Reading Event

Information about the Sikh Heritage Society BC and event details can be found on their website.